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Here at Four Pillars Gin we know that, as well as being young (we're just turned five) and small (we’ve grown so fast, but remain a tiny part of the huge global gin market), we’re also very, very, VERY lucky.

We’re lucky as a business, and have benefitted from the support of the most extraordinary communities… from our local Yarra Valley friends to gin lovers around Australia and around the world.  

And we’re lucky as individuals, particularly us three founders who, supported by the world’s greatest group of staff and a bunch of friends who’ve believed and invested in us, have been allowed to pursue a dream that has proved to be enormous fun along the way. 

So on the first weekend of December every year we celebrate our birthday birthday and annual community weekend.

We’ve established something we’re calling the Four Pillars of the Community, and it’s about supporting four cause areas that mean a lot to us. Some of these areas matter to all of us as a business, and others are much more meaningful to one of us. And no we’re not so self-indulgent to tell you why. Instead we’ll just tell you what they are: Local & Community; Alcohol & Education; Women & Mothers; and Children & Opportunities

Each year we look for a variety of ways to support these cause areas. In fact we’re already doing it… over the past twelve months, we have provided prizes for countless fundraising raffles and auctions. But we always want and need, to do more. 

So every birthday we throw a party on the first weekend of December. And we give all the proceeds of the weekend’s activities (after we've given the government their pound and a half of excise-related flesh) to four organisations working to make a difference in these four cause areas. 

Sometimes we’ll name them. Sometimes we’ll make the donations anonymously because we’re conscious that while our money can have just as much impact as any others, perhaps that organisation isn’t so comfortable taking money from a booze business.

In 2016 we were able to donate $3000 to each of the four organisations below. 

Local & Community: Country Fire Authority

Women & Mothers: Australian Cancer Research Foundation - our three stills are named for our mums, and the issue of those cancers that disproportionately target women was one we wanted to make a contribution to.

Children & Opportunities: We donated to the Smith Family, because while we have enjoyed so many opportunities, we’re conscious there are so many families and children who haven’t been anywhere near as lucky as us.

The final beneficiary, in the area of alcohol and education, remains anonymous.

In 2017, we were able to donate $4000 to each of the four organisations below.

Local & Community: Country Fire Authority  – without them some of us wouldn’t be here.

Women & Mothers: The Babes Project – a local organisation providing perinatal services to women in need of a little extra support.

Children & Opportunities: Healesville’s Goodlife Farm – a landmark program helping vulnerable young people by connecting them with animals and nature.

The organisation representing our Alcohol & Education category in 2017 remains anonymous.

In 2017 we also auctioned off the stunning Christmas beetles that were installed in our distillery for the Christmas period made by local talent Clare James to add to the weekend contributions.

And in 2018, our recipient organisations were...

Local & Community: CFA

Women & Mothers: The Babes Project

Children & Opportunities: The Big Roast for Cystic Fibrosis

Alcohol & Education: Anonymous

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