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Since April 2018 we’ve been running the inaugural, annual Four Pillars Australian [Gin] Open across Great Britain.

The Australian [Gin] Open is our very first nationwide bartender competition where we challenged our friends and lovers in the great bars of Great Britain to turn our better gin into better gin drinks.

Competitors entered two Four Pillars Gin cocktails each – one made with our classic Rare Dry Gin, and another with one of our signature bartender gins, our Navy Strength or Spiced Negroni Gin.

Three months have passed, four regional finals have gone off in a big way, and time and time again we’ve been blown away with the skill, creativity and charm of the bartenders taking part. Impressed is a drastic understatement.

As we come to the tail-end of the comp the heat is really ramping up and the grand final is in sight. And eyes are on what prize? The two ultimate winners will be flown to Australia to make gin with us at our Healesville distillery. Awesome? Yep.

Now this is all well and good (and hella exciting), but we do need your help make sure we celebrate these awesome bartenders and drinks properly...

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So, here's what YOU need to do...

  • Get yourselves to Merchant House in London on Sunday 1 July for the public final of the Four Pillars Australian [Gin] Open.
  • The fun kicks off at 5pm and rolls on through to 10pm. Expect awesome gin cocktails, much Aussie banter and (quite possibly) a sing-a-long by the time things wind up...
  • If you want to take your support of your fave bartender (or drink) even further, post a pic on Instagram - you know the drill, tag in the bartender and use the hashtags #AustralianGinOpen and #FourPillarsGin.
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Our Australian [Gin] Open finalists

Tom Godfrey of Red Light Bar, Bristol

  • Australian 96: Rare Dry Gin, an aperitif blend, homemade lemon and lime cordial and mineral water

  • Brunch in the Yarra: Navy Strength Gin, homemade tomato juice and Fino

Dan Bovey of Hyde & Co Bar, Bristol

  • No Wine, No Worries! Rare Dry Gin, Pampelle Liqueur, blood orange and thyme sherbet, Sicilian lemon tonic, and citric acid

  • Dig for victory! Rare Dry Gin, Absenteroux Vermouth a l'Absinthe, lemon juice, purple carrot cordial and egg white

Eleanora Biason of Scarfes Bar, London

  • Everything is Pozible: Rare Dry Gin, smoked sweet vermouth, spiced fig leaves liqueur, orange zest

  • Let Me Gin: Spiced Negroni Gin, Martini Ambrata Vermouth, eucalyptus syrup, yuzu juice

Sophie Jamieson of Kansas Smittys, London

  • Pillar No_4: Rare Dry Gin infused with toasted black pepper and fresh ginger, caramelised granny smoth and pink lady syrup with cassia bark, Regal Rogue Daring Dry Vermouth

  • Love in Another Climate: Navy Strength Gin infused with toasted rice, coconut milk infused with toasted coconut, Akashi-Tai Ginjo Yuzushu Sake, Genmaicha green tea syrup, thai basil leaves

Lee Jones of Smokestack Bar, Leeds

  • Mum's the word: Rare Dry Gin, Rhubarb infused cocchi rosa, gooseberry shrub

  • Endeavour: Navy Strength Gin, eucalyptus cordial, Champagne acid, saline solution

Roberto Conti of Dakota Deluxe

  • Kilda: Rare Dry Gin, pine liquor, Branca Menta, sea lettuce syrup, lemon juice

  • Primavera Negroni: Spiced Negroni Gin, Campari, Rinquinquin a la peche, orgeat syrup, lemon juice, orange marmalade

Sian Buchan of Panda & Sons

  • Bloody Ripper: Rare Dry Gin, Creme de Cacao, orange and beetroot juice, lemon juice, Angostura bitters, Vegemite

  • Sweet Yarra Valley High: Spiced Negroni Gin, Kamm & Sons, dessert wine, lemon myrtle syrup

Euan Halliday of The Black Dahlia

  • Damn' Son! Rare Dry Gin, Lindisfarne Damson Wine, cassis syrup, acidulated water

  • Oh, Snap! Spiced Negroni Gin, tomato water, secret spice mix, rice wine vinegar, pickled ginger juice and Fino Sherry with a Bloody Shiraz Gin float

Stefanie Anderson of The Bon Vivant

  • The Rig Of The Day: Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, Sicilian lemonade reduction, macadamia orgeat, citric acid and a squeeze of Queen Olive.
  • Chef's Choice: Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin, ginger syrup, pineapple and lime juice. Clarified with coconut and cows milk, then stirred and served over ice with star anise to garnish.

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