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The Wild Rover is perfect if you're the kind of person who enjoys a swanky glass of something spesh' under the watchful eyes of jungle creatures.

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Through the understated door of an old Surry Hills clothing house, you move from city jungle madness into The Wild Rover - a cosy cave with an eclectic Irish folk barn/African themed motif. With booths to huddle in and talk turkey over some fresh oysters and a cocktail or four, it’s the perfect retreat from the grind.

The bar was opened by a few mates, inspired by their travels through the UK and Europe and their drinks while they were there. After great success with their first Sydney bar Grandmas, The Wild Rover opened in 2012 to bring to life their vision of a 'jovial, rollicking, good-time whiskey bar'.

Evan Brown is one of the ‘Rovers’ dishing out cocktails, Seinfeld quotes and enlightenment (oh, but aren't they the same thing?) on the regular.

“The Australian distilling scene has been going well over the past few years with Tasmanian whisky. It can only get bigger. And while the distillers wait for the law requirements on ageing whisky to come through, they’re pumping out awesome gins to keep busy!”

While Evan's heart will always belong to whiskey, his affection for gin rings strong and true, and we love him for that.

 “I'm working on a mustard seed infused Suze with Campari and Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin, served in a coupè, garnished with a slice of smoked salmon. Salmon + Negroni. I'm a Red Dwarf fan so I'm calling it the ‘Smegroni’.”

As for awesome whiskey products catching his eye at the moment?

“The Dalmore Cigar Malt tastes like a crisp autumn in Cuba. Matching it with a Founders Porter and you have rum and raisin chocolate. Pair that with some Clyde River oysters and you got yourself the perfect last meal for an authentic Texan execution.”

His ability to mix a cocktail is proportional to his phrase turning. But don't trust us, pay The Wild Rover a visit and order yourself an Urban Sombrero.

Here's to feeling good all the time.

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