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A sense of love and care comes with being small (and we are small, distilling in batches of just 460 bottles) and taking everything personally.

At Four Pillars we talk a lot about what it means to be a craft brand. What defines craft? And what goes into craft? We think it comes down to one thing… love.

LOVE GIN. We make gin because we love gin. And we make gin that we love. There are other things we love, and one day we might have a play with making some of these things. But right now it’s about gin, and the amazing by-products of making gin.

LOVE WILMA. We want to play with the possibilities of distilling because we love distilling. And we approach the craft of refining our distillations with a deeply sensory approach.

LOVE CRAFT. So we make things that are technically awesome AND which feel just right to us. We have to love it before we commit to doing it.

LOVE COCKTAILS AND STORIES. And we support other things… from cocktail bars to emerging Australian artists, to the next generation of Australian craftspeople and creative storytellers. Again, because we love what they stand for and what they do.

LOVE PEOPLE. So that’s what we’re about. Gin, distilling, craft, cocktails, Australia, stories, creativity… doing something we love, and investing it with all the love we can give it. We just hope some people love what we make.

And we’re aware that also means a few people may not like the things we make… and that’s just fine. We don’t want to be everything to everyone. We want to be something special to a few special someones. In fact, we’d love that.

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