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We worked with the the Rockpool mixology team to create the second release in our Bartender Series for Qantas: our new Modern Australian Gin is truly a spirit of Australia.

And we're super excited to be releasing it on 3 December, the second anniversary of our launch back in 2013.

Combining red and green Szechuan, quandong, macadamia nuts, fresh grapefruit peel, tangelos and Rosie Glow apples (along with the traditional Four Pillars botanicals), the result is an Asian-inspired Modern Australian gin with lots of softness and spice.

The Asian spices give it a lovely warm mouthfeel (a tiny bit like Neil Perry’s famous numbing duck dish from Spice Temple), while the macadamia nuts give it softness and an almost creamy palate.

And finally the fresh apple, grapefruit and tangelos and dry native quandong add fruit and lift.

The fresh and native botanicals are sourced from across Australia: the quandongs are from the Southern Highlands in NSW, the macadamia nuts from northern Queensland, the lemon myrtle from Tasmania, the Rosy Glows from South Australia, and the grapefruits from Cam’s garden 200 metres up the road.

Finally, dried botanicals from Asia and Europe make it truly a gin to represent the essence of modern Australia.

Rockpool’s bartenders - Ryan, Max and Jacob - were aiming for a gin with nice spicy complexity and mixability, something to create a great G&T, or classic dry martini.

Plus, with that softness and spice it's a great contender in a modern Australian version of the classic Hanky Panky.

You can buy it through our online gin store, our distillery door and Qantas Epiqure - plus you can try it in all Rockpool Group restaurants and bars, and Qantas First lounges.

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